Sunday, February 19, 2017

a flood prep blog...I guess

 so, for now, I guess I am not doing a scrapbooking blog, but a flood prep.  We live along the San Joaquin River in Central Ca...and the water is rising...  So, my scraproom is not workable.  THOUGH I do have some things at my dd's home, and maybe can continue scrapping.  DH just told me this is not a 'get through the weekend' thing...but could be a couple of months.  As the issue for us is not rain fall and flooding, but the dam releases, and later snow melts.   So, at this point we can only prep and hope that what we do is enough.  

here are final pics of the scraproom.   Took me about 3 evenings.   Phase one was removing what was irreplaceable to me, finished scrapbooks, Stampin Up stamps and inkpads (had quite the collection) and some punches, CTMH know, all my stamps.   A friend took those to store for me.

then I packed my current projects 'crop style', this is what is in my dd's garage.  That way, if a crop happens, I can still go!  Saved my cutterpillar paper cutter and cricut.  Not all the carts.  I still do it the old fashioned way, as my Gypsy went kaploooey.

then moved everything up.  If water is only inches, I am okay...if it is more than a couple of feet, well, don't want to go there.  

I think I will still 'bin' these them be a little more waterproof...just in case.

My Ikea carts are saved!  ha!  Dd has my blue ones (no longer manufactured) and with the help of my granddaughters my Son took the 2 beige ones yesterday.  DGD also took my old American Girl doll (okay dd's when she was growing up) with her clothes.  

We had a group of friends helping and sandbagging yesterday.  Dh concentrated on lifting up the garage contents, as well as creating a better sandbag wall.  I gotta say, we are surrounded by some terrific people.   Dh is hoping to do a 'surf and turf' thankyou dinner for all of them in the future.  

the view from our porch.   

a friend took this pic with his drone on Weds...yikes!

So, until we have to leave...we will get what we can done.  and know that it is all in God's hands.

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Amy Cammack Torres said...

Praying for you and all who are affected by this.