Saturday, February 4, 2017

my Missy

This is Adriana, my Missy (at the time she was born, Betsy still worked for us and she called people "Missy', so I picked it up from her).  At 7 years old, she is my first grandchild...did I say 7?  I meant 7 going on 13.  There is a tendency lately to be a bit dramatic.  did I say a bit?  

She is like my little 'bff'...though when I said it to her a couple of years ago , she told me "No, Lainey is my bff"...pfffft.  But luckily for me, the kids lived here in Ptown (until recently) , and we are very close.  Adriana is very artistic and crafty, so we do spend time in the craft room...which she helped me 'design'.  She has her own work station and cabinet and Ikea rolling cart!   

When she was a younger we used to go to IHOP and order pancakes with an extra plate.  We would then take every syrup flavor and 'dip' our pancakes.  Yeah, she came home a little 'sugared up"and would bounce off the walls...but for some reason, both sets of kids have forbid me from doing it with the littles.  

She also used to call caterpillars, 'callipitars' and I catch myself saying it while reading "The Hungry Caterpillar" to the grandsons I babysit.

She and Gunny were the same age, and grew up together.  So she and Gunny were very close and he put up with a lot, that he would not do  with the other kids.  

She was always a bit of a hypochondriac.  ANY boo-boo or sickness would require immediate attention.  A scratch would need a bandaid...though I think I was blamed because I always bought the cute, cartoony ones.  

Now that they have moved 45 minutes away,  it is hard that I don't get to see her as often.  siiiiiigh, 

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