Tuesday, February 14, 2017

uh oh, the water is a risin'

and we are in flood prep mode.  Berms are being built, sandbagging starts tomorrow and the past couple of nights, I've been packing what I can from my scraproom.

A friend offered to store some of my things, so I packed 6 plastic bins with my completed scrapbooks, (not all are in there) and stampin up and CTMH stamps.  Figured those cannot be replaced.  Still not all...but most.  Here are the emptied shelves and cabinets.

I also packed up my current projects 'crop style'.  Well, the 5 grandkids books...and the papers related to those pages and some embellies and tools.  Well, I told my dd 'crop style', but gotta admit, went a little crazy.  So, the car is FULL!  I actually felt quite desperate while packing.  Included my cricut and the fave carts...and my cutterpillar paper cutter.   ooooooh, need to grab the small one also.

So, tomorrow, hope MJM will get me more bins and I will spend some time packing what is left in plastic bins and moving stuff up off the floors and hopefully if we don't get more than a foot or so of water in the house....will be okay. 

Yup, and I do have other rooms I should be doing also. ha!  

  Still hopeful  we won't get any water in the house, wouldn't that be the ultimate???  But the estimate is that by Thurs late morning, the river will be high enough...keeping fingers (and toes)  crossed...but preparing just in case.  

And we count ourselves very lucky we have a bit of time to prepare...

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