Sunday, October 12, 2008

My new computer system, area is up and running..and it is so cool!

There is so much I should be doing to prepare for the trip. Why can't I get in there? Guess I can pack tom night/ Tues morning. Instead I am sitting here, blogging.

I rented "The other Boleyn Girl", so guess I'll watch that tonight.

Chris, Jason and Nicole were here yesterday...Betsy and her dh, Francisco were here for the morning. Us girls put together the baby shower invites and the boys rebuilt the fence! Francisco was a 'sport' and worked out there, also.

Chris just left, to go back down south. He and C 'just missed each other too much' for him to stay the extra day. Thats so cool, to be newlyweds and in love. Like Betsy said, "give them a year, then she'll be telling him to go"..teehee.

Poor Chris, OU lost...Lucky me!! UT won!! I got a lunch out of it this afternoon.

gonna go look for a pic from Italy for my banner.

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