Thursday, October 9, 2008

a li'l excitement...

Yesterday afternoon, dh got a call from a friend of his. "I hear there is a fire on your property"...wha??????? So, dh calls our neighbor, he saw it all.

We live on a corner property, where one road curves into another. Apparently, someone took that curve too fast and crashed and rolled his truck. It caught on fire, and the idiot and his passenger took off running. Luckily, my neighbor and his son were returning from a hunting trip, and saw it all. So he was able to call the police and fire dept. Geeee, anyways, the police caught the guys and the fire dept put the fire out before it could spread and endanger our home.

But just think, with those idiots running away, if the neighbor hadn't seen it the damage would have been even worse.

Was it a stolen truck? Kids joyroyding? Hopefully, we'll find out more when the newspaper comes out over the weekend.

So, we come home and see the damage. (I'll take pics when the sun comes out and post them) Got home and asked mom..."So there was a little excitement around here?"
"What?"...she did not see a thing. HA!!


Sarah C. said...

OMGoodness! Glad your neighbor happened to see it and call for help. Curious to see the photos.

Lily said...

ow, close call! glad you are ok