Saturday, October 18, 2008

Roma is Bella!!

Well, I absolutely LOVE Rome! Yes, it is busy and chaotic...but oh!! I love the archeticture and history. The little things! Our hotel was near the "Fontina de Trevi"..and overlooked one of the busy Piazza's. Sat morning, Michele and I woke up @4am..and had the lit fountain to ourselves!! It was great.+

We walked, and walked and walked. There is so much we could not do in one day, and I definately want to go back.

Today was Nice, France, Monaco, and Monte Carlo! the French Riviera!!
Talk about a beautiful place, the scenery is beyond words. But honestly, not a place I want to come back to...I just found it a bit too pretentious. ( a sprite cost 5 euros!!) (I was real thirsty!)

I've already taken over 100 pictures, good thing I got a 4mb card!! But the ship does offer putting your pictures on disc...I may use that one!

Tomorrow, is Florence!
Good Night!

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Sarah C. said...

Sounds wonderful! Love your new header photo. Looking forward to seeing more when you return. :)