Thursday, October 9, 2008

Me and Mommy fight fires...well, kinda

Here is a pic of the fire damage in our corner,
When mom and I went out to take the pics, we noticed a spot that was still smoking.

So, we packed our buckets and a shovel into the car (hey, buckets filled with water are heavy) and went out there and took care of it. (I tell you, I smell like smoke right now) While out there, we noticed a pile of Whiskey bottles (on the other side of the fence) I took a pic of that too.
Our property used to be the teen party spot before we built. But all the bottles were the same brand, so I don't think this is the leftovers from those days.

That is the bad thing about living out in the country. People dump stuff. garbage, goat parts (barilla), tires, appliances, pets, both dead and alive. DH has even broken up a fight in that corner.

Okay, gotta shower, the smell is getting to me.

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Anonymous said...

holy crap! which part of the fence is that?