Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tues night, for Weds morn

So, its Tuesday night and I don't want to watch the debate. I've actually got Predator 2 on. Oh well. A young Bill Paxton, whatever happened to him.

Last night, I cheated. I took a Tylenol PM. I figured no matter what, mosquitos, cows giving birth..whatever...I was going to SLEEP!! Actually, felt a little groggy when I first woke up, but good through the rest of the day.

Got my shoes, I was lucky, the store was having 20%off on Keens Sandals. So I got 2.

So far, work is going well. Looks like I'm going to finish what I need to get done. (knock on wood).

Dsil is coming down this weekend...he is going to put together my new computer system. So glad dd married a computer geek. They are good to have around, right?

My pop was a computer geek, he was an IBM programmer. He got in during the early
60's and watched IBM grow. He worked on Nasa's lunar landing program, and on developing a 'thinking' software...so programmers could use our language instead of the -0- and -1- vocabulary those computers had. As a child growing up, I would try to please him, to be 'daddy's girl' by getting good grades. I miss my dad, and wish I could talk to him now, with an adult's perspective... I didn't have the chance to fully appreciate him.

My ds takes after him in some ways. DS is very analytical and smart, but typically male, he did not push himself academically in school. Yet when it is important to him, like during the Corps and the police academy, he earns top spots in the class.

As other parents know, it is frustrating when your kids do not work to 'potential'. But ds is happy with what he is doing, married to a great young lady, and is going to make me a grandma...so 'its all good'!!

okay, time to hit that treadmill. boy, I'd really like some rocky road icecream right about now.

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Sarah C. said...

I skipped the debate too. DH watched, but I just can't take another second.

Tylenol PM is such a great little cheat. Used it several times myself these last few months.

Hope everything at work continues to go well so you can forget about it and enjoy that big vacation. :)