Monday, October 6, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah

I'm feeling as blah as Wall Street this morning. Blah, tired and almost downright depressed.

Not much sleep, mosquitos, a cow 'lowing' all night, was stupid enough to watch part of "I am Legend" with Will Smith, so bad dreams (when I could sleep). Not a good morning. Didn't fall asleep till afer 1am, anyways.

But can't call in at work, down to my last week and a half, before the trip and have too much to get done.

Did do some shopping for the trip over the weekend. Even that was hard, as I am 'bigger than I wish" and having troubles with style choice. I want to be comfortable, but not frumpy AND so much out there is stretchy and has low necklines.
And just seems to be styled for 20 year olds...
BUT love the new colors for fall, the plum, teal, chocolates...

Then Sunday after church was a baptism and bbq...but after the bbq, I had the 'runs'. Now, dh wasn't affected, so I don't know if it was the bbq. Oh to add more pain, started my monthly. (good to have it out of the way for the trip? right?)

So, anything good? Did scrapbook a couple of circle journal commitments. Will mail them out today. So, its taken care of before my trip.

Did buy my 4mb camera card. It did not work in my I put it in DH's and it I'll take his with me.


Sarah C. said...

Your trip is quickly approaching! I feel your shopping pain. I'm halfway to my weight loss goal for the year, but that still doesn't make it easier to find clothes. I think they are all made for size 0 twenty year olds. And I can not properly show that much skin. LOL

muirwoodsue said...

Sorry you are feeling blue. Push yourself and go for a little walk. You'll feel better. Or - take a nap!
Where are you going on vacation?

Lily said...

big hugs to you! I completely understand the blahs

Cierra Marie said...

haha, did you just say you had the "runs"??