Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, all ready??

jk, its a slow week. I'm cross training on payroll...yuck...too many things to remember. We use a service, but it all seems kinda archaic...ya know.

Home is fun. Getting to come home to a kitten who is fully rested and ready to go..while we are simply pooped from a long day at work...and lack of sleep. She's a cutie, but I sure have forgotten how kittenhood is.

Last Night, she actually got into my purse and took something out of it to play...I've had cats for the last 34 years of my life. and have not had one who has gotten into my purse!! My kids have...but I hadn't..until last night.

This week's scrap your stuff challenge is stamps! I LOVE stamps, don't use them like I should considering my collection...but, boy do I collect. I have one shelf of acrylics. semi-catagorized in my dollar store baskets.

all 4 of my glass faced ikea cabinets have 3 shelves of stamps, primarily wood mount Stampin Up sets...that I don't want to seperate. I won't show ya'll all 4, just this sample.

I have loose stamps displayed on my open shelves of the cabinetry...and the older ones in a drawer...any ideas?

I actually don't mind how they are stored, I'd just like to clean it up and figure out a way to know what I have...so they can be better utilized. Wookiemouse showed her rolodex system...where she keeps stamped images...and has a storage code to know where to find them...


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