Thursday, August 6, 2009

made some changes...

finally checked out The Cutest Blog on the Block and their free fun!

I'm home today, but not for a good reason. Our water pump has to be replaced. So I am waiting for the repair guys. Can't leave, cuz if I do, will have to leave parts of the house unlocked and un-alarmed. something DH does not want. So, I'm home but running water...and can't cook...cuz I can't clean afterwards. I was home yesterday, did scrap a little. I hope I do more lo's today. But gotta admit, feelin a li'l 'not in the mood'.

had some luck with RAK's lately.

a while ago I got picked for Cosmo Cricket Early Bird, by Mandie at A New Someplace.
whoo hooo, I rec'd it. and it is gorgeous.

I also 'won' a $10 gc from Pages in Time for participating in an online crop...gotta say, though I've emailed them a couple of times about using it...have not had a response. So, a li'l disappointed.

Then this past weekend, I participated in Memories Always - Forever's blog hop..and got picked for a couple of the RAK's.

And Renee was in the mood to give away on her blog...Crazy thing called Life, and I got picked!!

wow, I know, now its my turn. but, but I don't have anything to give away!!

I neeeed my stash!! hmmmmmm, wait I did buy a couple of DCWV stacks, Marakesh and
Downtown Loft...tell ya what...when it arrives, I'll split them with one of ya'll.
lets' keep it to the US...don't wanna deal with customs. unless you are FPO/APO..that's easy.

just leave me a comment before...Sunday? who knows, maybe I'll double buy while at the Expo on Saturday...and have something else to send..ha!!!


Diana Fisher said...

Wow, you HAVE had some luck!! Nice job on the Cosmo Cricket win, I love that stuff!

Katherine said...

love that blog background - great colors! You have been lucky lately - wow! Can you send a little of that luck my way? :)

Heather the Mooselover said...

Congrats on the Cosmo Cricket win.

I'm going to mail your prize tomorrow or Monday. It was a nutsy week ;)