Thursday, August 13, 2009

Organize you Stuff

I'm still doing it..
last week was stickers and rub-ons. I have a 'homemade' clip it up, the one with a paper towel holder. I like it, the stickers are available and sorted by theme. I use them a lot more than when they were in a drawer, however it does take a bit of room.

I love my rub-on holder...its just a pink file folder holder. the rub-ons are catagorized by type.

This week its ribbons...I have 3 shelves of ribbons. I do love the ones that are in jars, I have misc lacy/silky by colors - and some by type..grosgain, sheer, polka dotted. And then some by manufacturer. Esp the Am Crafts rolls.

On Monday, Nyki gave me a small is perfecto for the keeping of scrap ribbons that I just had laying on the shelf. But there is a bit of work to do in this area!

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