Saturday, August 29, 2009

I guess I should feel a li'l guilty..

yesterday, my day off...was busy!

morning at the church, cutting checks. More mistakes, but that is how you learn a system..right???

Then ran to Modesto to pick up my fun new reading glasses, go grocery store, get lunch...and a li'l stop at Michaels. Anyways, bought a slightly damaged album (I was given a nice discount) a set of Tim Holtz stamps with my 40%off disc...and a handful of the Studio G alpha stamps. Then to the bank to sign up for the church's online banking. Did not get home till 3pm.
Loooooooong day!!

When I got home, I found that I did not have a couple of the alpha I called my sis in Texas, she has a Michaels around the corner....and asked her to pick up a couple. It isn't my fault she ended up spending @$50 there!! I just asked for 3 - $1 stamps. teehee but SCORE, she found 2 out of 3 of the letters...and my sis says she can look for the third letter today!

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