Sunday, August 23, 2009

kitties and crops...

First off Friday lunch with Tina was wonderful to catch up. And Nyki and Adriana joined Tina got to meet my li'l cupcake. She agreed with me, Adriana with her strong abs (kept sitting up) strong legs (trying to stand w/ mommy holding her up) and long feet is a natural dancer. Ballet, here we come~!!

Saturday, Michele and I met at Nyki's. I also brought Charlette. Gave my Percy a li'l break...and she enjoyed herself. Her nephews, though as big as Percy are younger, so they all played and played. Charlette found a blow up chair in the craft loft and made herself at home for her naps. She was so pooped, when we came home in the evening, she settled herself on my computer chair and was out. Nice to play with someone who isn't hissing, growling, whacking you down and sitting on you. I think I'd like to take her there once a week. DS says she is welcome, cuz she knew where the box was and used it. Nyki did 'show' her a couple of times...good thing she 'learned' it. One thing J can not stand is a cat who goes outside the box.

Cropping was fun! I actually did get some stuff done...the cover for the last (I hope) Am Crafts Modern D-ring album for dil's Europe Semester.(I have 3 albums)
2 - 8x8 layouts and 4 12x12...

not bad for someone absolutely distracted by her li'l cupcake.

Introduced Michele and Nyki to my Slice. Michele loved it, but toward the end of the day it stopped cutting!! I tried all the troubleshooting steps. But I have a ticket in to cust service. We tried the embossing tips, and they did not work, and after switching back to the blade, it stopped making contact with the paper. Hopefully it can be fixed...cuz I love it.

But I was exhausted. After eating, I went to bed...@7:30...just like Charlette!!

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Sarah C. said...

Sounds like a fun, busy weekend. Hope the Slice is an easy fix or MM replaces it for you. :)

Your DGD is adorable!! Does she like her bouncy chair? We just bought one for Dylan over the weekend and he's slowly adjusting to it.

Thanks for the sweet comment on my layout. Of course you can snag the title! I look forward to seeing the page and cute pics of your sweet granddaughter. :)