Saturday, August 8, 2009

whatta week!

it was a most unusual week...ending with...

but I guess I should start at the beginning...
DH lost his wallet. He noticed on Sat/Sun...thought it might be at work, but when it wasn't there Mon morn...had to start making the phone calls, reporting credit cards lost, getting new insurance cards. Then on Tues night he gets a phone call. He had left it at the Ace Hardware in town. ooooookay...good news, right?

Tuesday night, our water pump stops working. We live in the country. We don't pay monthly water bills, but we need that pump for running water. So, I stay home on Weds, to await the repair guy. He arrives at 4pm. the whole thing must be replaced. So, I stay home on'd think I'd be 'happy'...chance to lounge and scrapbook. Not so much. Not fun when you are a virtual prisoner. And can't even cook, cuz there is no running water. You don't realize how much you miss stuff like that. Didn't even scrapbook. pooh.

Then Friday...I was home, as I cut checks for the church on Fri morn. (even that was difficult, but won't go into it) and due to the issues I was having at church, ds ended up taking Kema to the vet for us. whoa!! Kema got a couple of foxtales in his ears, which got infected. $458 later. he comes home with his ears wrapped up and open stitches...and that is why he is sleeping on mom's couch. This morning, he is still feeling/looking lackluster..he will probably spend the day there.

now, those who know us, know that the house is for the cats, the outside for the poor Kema..when we came home, he did not want to get out of my car.

what a week!! tell me its over!! now, today, I'm going to the Scrapbook Expo.

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Lida said...

I am so sorry about your week, sometimes everything hits at once, hopefully everything goes back to normal soon.