Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a dr's appt

have a dr's appt this morning, still my infected thumb...good news, it is no longer purple and glossy..now it is just pink and tender. Stupidly I called and asked if they just wanted to extend my prescription...cuz its healing not healed...and I got a very pissy fellow, who told me he 'can't diagnose' over the phone. I almost don't want to go, I'm afraid he'll do painful things (like lance it) cuz he's pissed.

I hung up and thought, "Hey, this isn't federal medical care yet. You can't treat me like they do at the DMV! Once this issue is taken care of, I'm switching doctors." At LEAST I still can do that.

But, its that time of month, and I'm a li'l pissy...so, I'll make allowances. ha!!

So appt at 9:30..I don't know if at this office (I'm new there cuz of a recent insurance switch)..that means 9:30 or 10:30 or 11:30..something else I'm about to find out. I'll bring a book.

It's cool and rainy outside, REALLY just want to stay home. Should go to work after the appt, but we'll see how late it goes. My back and legs are soooooo sore! Spent the weekend unpacking boxes...found a lot of 'treasures'...but I'm too old for it!

The in-laws are here for a quick visit, so got to see the kids and Adriana 3 nights in a row! Am I in heaven or what? Kinda funny, last night, after everyone else left the kid's house, I stayed to help with dishes, Nyki had taken Adriana upstairs for her bath. Adriana was in a very good, happy, loud mood. "AAAAAAAAing" in delight, and I could see J grimace...so, I told him, "just wait till she's old enough to bring friends over, then you'll have 2 or 3 girls running around making that noise" teehee, I do LOVE being a grandma!!

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