Tuesday, May 4, 2010

it's my fave month...MAY!!

In the past it was my fave, cuz you have Mother's Day followed by my birthday...so I was always spoiled. BUT, since the kids are grown...no more all day shopping trips cuz mom loves it...siiiiiigh. Also, in the past, I did not have the miserable allergy symptoms I now have in my old age...poo-ey.

And its been a tough 2 days at work...you know, the oddball mistakes that happen to screw up your numbers...yeah, 2 days of it so far. I won't go into detail...but, aye yi yi. Had to do 2 - number by number audits...and it turned out to be 'oddball' stuff. BUT it can only get better, RIGHT!!

We started our Biggest Loser at work...only 4 of us signed up, but that is okay. We will still lose weight. We decided to go for a 3 month period, $20 per month...one 'pot'...so the winner gets $240. We are going by % lost...and I am the 'biggest' going in. Oh well!! I am hoping this incentive will help 'jumpstart' me. I've been averaging a pound a week...so, far a total of 27 lbs...since November!! (if you are doing the math, in Feb. I didn't lose anything!)

we had our weigh in today, jumped on the scale in shipping...aye yi yi. I have to lose more have the same % loss as the other gals. gal 1 is starting at 144...gal 2 at 148...gal 3 at 169...and me, at ____, ha!

Went to a crop last weekend...maybe I'll post some pics of some of the pages. We'll see how motivated/lazy I am. I may, my sis likes to see my pages...

off to babysit!! and watch biggest loser!! ta-ta!!

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