Saturday, November 6, 2010


what is the saying? "of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most". In the past week I have lost my eyeglasses and my house keys. Gone.

Now, I do have 4 pairs of prescription glasses these days. My sunglasses for daytime driving. My regulars for distance (the pair that is gone). My reading for up close reading and my bifocals for forms/computer stuff. The funny thing about the missing pair, it seems like I was just using them when I noticed they were missing. Odd.

Now, my keys, I was passing them to my dsil all weekend, so we both can't remember who had them last.

I'm sure they will both turn up ... but what a 'lost' feeling... I used to be so darned organized and simply did not lose things! And yes, altzheimers does run on my mother's side... so, that makes it extra worrisome for me.

Yikes, with family here and then a big family trip, this has been my first 'quiet morning' all week. So far been doing a lot of laundry, computer stuff (we had wireless but I had to share a laptop with dh) and a little housecleaning. They young man who housesat did not leave much of a just very little sprucing is needed. When we first walked thru the house, I actually thought he did not was so tidy.

BUT my dd and dsil return to Texas on Sunday...then I have a dr's appt on Monday...maybe Tues I'll go order another pair of glasses...and back to work on Weds...siiiiiigh. Already shaping up to be a bit busy, but that is what happens when you take a week off. (we had a family reunion at Lake Tahoe for 4 days, 5 nights)

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Jake said...

Hi KarenSue,
Sounds like we're sightless in the same universe. I'm a grampy with 4 pairs of glasses and I seem to always be wearing the wrong ones.

I've started a blog about raising 3 grandsons http://grampy' I'd love to exchange blog links with you and keep up with your adventures.

john lunn