Friday, February 4, 2011

I do need surgery

the mass I mentioned last month, is an 8 oz tumor. Dh said that is the size of a filet, so, my co-worker and I named it Mignon. So, I am going to need a hysterectomy. I have another ultrasound appt at the end of this month, the dr. cannot see my ovaries in the first set. So, we're gonna look for them and then set a date.

If it is all 'elective', I'm thinking of setting it for mid-May. That way I can still go to my son in law's graduation (its becoming quite the family reunion), and then I can spend the hot days of summer recovering in my air conditioned home! ha!

Also, gives work plenty of time to figure out if they are gonna replace me or redistribute my work. AND for the gal who is out on maternity leave to come back.

OF COURSE, I plan to scrapbook! as soon as I am able. I understand I will probably be in quite a bit of pain the first week or so, then the remaining weeks will be spent not bending, reaching, picking things up...right? Scrapbooking should be an okay activity.

AND read! AND ya'll know me, I told dh (who is also my boss) that if the dr says I need 6-8 weeks to recover, I'm taking 8-10!! (I am a slow healer) (Okay, I hate work)

And I've already requested Flan from Betsy and Quinaa Cookies from Connie...who else makes the foods I love??? hmmmmmmmmm

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