Friday, April 1, 2011

so far, I love Jenny Craig and planning my down time

When I stepped on the scale on Weds, 175.2...which means...I have lost a total of 8 lbs on Jenny AND 40 since I started in Nov 2009. 40lbs! Now, usually, 40 lb means at least a couple of jean sizes, unfortunately, for I've only gone down one jean size. I'm just not losing in my tummy. I can get size 14's up, but can't zip them. I'm hoping, once the tumor is tummy will start shrinking in proportion to the weight loss. But we'll see.

Am I crazy? I just bought some fabric from I'm thinking of trying out a li'l sewing during my recovery period. I've also got a stack of books to read and of course, plenty of scrappin'. Even joined a new kit club. Scrapbook Nook. So far, I am really pleased with the kits I've rec'd.

Will 6 weeks drag? or will it go by so fast?? I know, right now, I truly LOVE my alone time. Like last night, dh is out of town, so I had the house to myself...siiiiiiiiiiigh. After work, I dried some laundry, did dishes, fed animals, settled in for a viewing of New Moon, did Zumba, watched CSI and was in bed by 9.

a wonderful evening.

Today, dh arrives with my Uncle Donald aka Uncle Duck. Uncle Duck will be staying here for 10 days, before heading for the Philipines where he lives. For many years, since I was 18, the family lost contact with my Uncle. Only this past year, have we 'reconnected'. We've only emailed, and I have seen him twice. So, we don't really know each other AT ALL.

Uncle Duck is my dad's youngest brother, I think there are 10 years between them. Of course, being so young when we were little, he was the 'fun uncle' and our favorite. I have good memories of my Uncle Duck.

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