Wednesday, April 27, 2011

can you say 2!!

As in 2 lbs!! stepped on the scale, 2 more lbs this week...can you say, woot!! woot!! I'm at 170.8, so close to a total loss of 45lbs!! So, does that put me about 12 lbs since I started Jenny Craig? hmmmmm

As in 2 am? What an adventure. It started out nice, Winston was sleeping cuddled against me, but, he suddenly gets up. No biggie, he does that every night. So, I decide to go to the 'facilities', no biggie, with my tumor I do that a lot...while in there I hear dh yelling "Boys!!". No biggie, he does that when Percy and Winston start fighting. So, I step out of the bathroom, and there is Winston sitting in the middle of our bedroom, hunched over and growling. He then runs into our bathroom, into the tub, still growling. No sign of Percy. .

This is odd behaviour, even for a rather odd I check. Yes, he has a MOUSE!! In my BATHTUB! So, of course, I ran out of there and screamed. DH gets up, finds a Jenny Craig box and catches the mouse to release it outside. He said Winston was 'just playing with it', no signs of puncture wounds...and of course he is so PROUD of Winston, "good boy... that's MY boy...we have an official mouser" You know what I told Winston, "you are going to have to BRUSH your teeth, before you come back to bed!!"

Yuck, so, I check the tub this morn...yup a couple of poo, (he did scare the sh*t out of the mouse) and some blood smears. So, guess what I'll be doing this morn...wiping down my tub with Lysol wipes!!

I guess we are lucky, if this is the first mouse in the house...we do live in the country, and with the river as high as it is...but, yuck, in my BATHTUB!! Michael, of course think that was so smart of Winston, cuz the tub is one place the mouse could not escape.

So, I've taken the day off. Betsy is not only easy to train, but she has 'taken off' even doing things without me being there (YAY!!)...and there really isn't anything to do today. I spent yesterday orgainzing my excel files and cleaning my email of 2008 emails. So, I'm home today...after exercising and cleaning the tub...the day is M I N E!! yay!!!

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John said...

You're lucky it was in the tub. Our cat used to leave the hind end of a mouse on the livingroom floor of our farmhouse every morning. Just the tail and back legs all licked clean. She'd eaten the rest.
Hope you had a good day off. the weather here was terrific for it.