Tuesday, April 12, 2011

gotta make cards

for the month of April/May...I have 5 birthdays, 2 graduations and 2 anniversaries...gotta get started making some cards! but when?, the schedule is booked till my surgery. I told dh, I only have one Saturday open...all the rest are busy...and work wants me there as much as possible. ugh wait!!, one of those Saturdays is his schedule, a men's retreat...hmmmm...I am envisioning a pajama day!!

but, in May/June, I'll probably be on here talking about how bored I am...nah

too much scrappin and reading and even sewing I want to do!!

this past weekend, women's retreat at Twain Harte...yes, that is snow! which meant mud and slush and cold...the things I truly dislike...yikes

the retreat was wonderful...the theme was removing the masks,

so, this week will be work, work and more work..

after all my time watching Ebay premade scrapbooks...I bought myself mulberry paper and a water pen...in the hopes of learning to make tear bears. they are so darn cute!!

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