Friday, April 29, 2011

Cropping Saturday...

I'm also the 'hostess' though it is at our, I've been making lists and packing pretty much all day. We are having a taco bar for lunch,so the food is 'shared' but I'll be bringing a cooler for everyone to put their drinks in with ice...paper plates, plastic silverware, napkins.

bringing my cricut ...oops, almost forgot the matts!

I asked dh to do a 'vinyl graphics' application brought vinyls, my car decals cart and some extra containers just for in case.

also bringing my cd player and an assortment of cd's.

Being the hostess away from home is hard...a lot of packing. But I simply do not have the space or lighting to host at home.

and of course my own project...Florence and Sorrento, from the cruise to Italy in 2008. Feeling a bit 'eh' by the pps I chose and of course am worried about bringing enough and the right cardstock. My colors in the pps are mostly browns, greens...kinda neutral colors. a fall type pallete...kinda want to do something just a tad more playful and fun. Know what I mean? but does Florence really lend itself to cutesy, playful papers? hmmmmmmm, I may pack some in the morning. I did take quite a few pics of the fashions I saw...I wonder...

OH! I bought a new pair of jeans today, in a size 14...oh my, cannot tell you how many years its been since I've worn a 14...but I've lost about 45 lbs to only go down 2 jean does that happen? Oh is what it is...right?

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