Saturday, May 28, 2011

can you say...packages!

DH came home from work on Thurs with 3 packages! I'm in heaven. 2 were books and the 3rd was from 2 Peas...scrappin goodies. Of course, I waited till he left for work on Friday to open me, its better that way.

Inside was my Pink Smash book and Smash accessories. Since I'm in the midst of this recovery, guess that is what my Smash book is going to be about. The inside pages are so very pretty...think I'm just going have to get them in every color.

and since 2 Peas free shipping does not start till $50, had to fill my cart! more goodies, including some Webster pages papers and journaling cards I simply cannot get myself to actually use...

I know, use them in my Smash book!

I LOVE getting packages. I just bought a slice hands free kit from the FSOT on 2 Peas...can't wait to get that and 'play'.

And on friday, my Scrapbook Nook kit arrived. Lots of Lillybee papers...already used one during todays progressive challenge on the red bg pp)
don't ask about the nail file...we have to use something nonscrapbook on the page..

I'll be using its other side on the companion page.

so, having some scrappin fun when awake! ha!! I'm down to one nap a day...staying up for longer periods...and today, no pain pills.

I did read a book, Confessions of a Prairie B*tch by Alison Arngrim. The gal who played Nellie on Little House. VERY GOOD read. So, one down for my goal of reading 20 books while on my 'vacation'.

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