Monday, May 30, 2011

simply smashin'

what can I say, havin' fun with my Smash Book...

since I'm at the start of my 6 weeks recovery period, I've decided to Smash that.

so page 1,2 are my hospital bracelet and some notes, including a pic of Hubert, my pillow pet frog.

next are lists of meals brought to me and the books I am reading (my goal is 20) including my personal star rating...for the books not the meals. Speaking of which, I don't see how we have ANY thin people in our church...the meals have been YUMMY!!!

last pic is another page set aside for book list and a poem my dd wrote out for me many years ago for my birthday..its a poem about books by David McCord. I'm not esp fond of the domino pages, so covering them up was a good option.

I also have a list of the ATC swaps I signed up for and of scrapbook pages I'm doing...

so far, so fun...the little bits I've been keeping on my desk are finally finding a home. I have a metal candle holder/dish from the dollar store that I keep next to my tool bag on my desk...bits and pieces go in there as I work...and now, I am finally using them.

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