Monday, May 9, 2011

having fun in the DFW!!

My son in law (sil) graduated last, I've been in Tejas since Weds...can i just say I LOVE it here. All of us, but dh, were able to make it. So, I've got all the kids, and I am one happy momma/grandma.

Let's see, the first night sil bbq'd ribs and fish and we had 'dirty rice'...after graduation we went to Posada's and had Mexican Food..Fri morning the 'boys' left for a camping trip and us girls kept it 'mellow', gave the 2 year old a day without travel. Though of course, while the girls went to Kroger, gma snuck over to the Hobby Lobby.

Sat we took dgd to the kids museum and planeterium, she had a great time.
I did get to do a couple of pages for NSD (National Scrapbook Day) (bet ya'll didn't know we had our own 'day', did ya?)

The first 3 days, I was in a hotel, as the kids had a houseful, with sil's family here from Oklahoma. OH! the last night in the hotel, the fire alarm went off! So, I got a li'l excitement waiting outside for the 'all clear'. I often wonder what I'd do in case of an emergency. I do tend to study those maps and make note of exits...after that fire years a club, where they say most of the people rushed the entrance and that not many used the side exits. So, wherever I go, I make note of those side exits. any ways, i did stay calm and exited the building. But thinking about it, I did forget to check the door for heat. Luckily, the room fire was in the other wing and nowhere near me. Of course, you know, I took pics of the emergency vehicles.

Last night was fun, the kids made me a chicken enchilada dinner - yummmy!!! Then dd and I 'worked it off' with Jillian Michaels. We set up in the computer room...with dgd and dd's 2 dogs. Talk about fun! Yeah, do not highly recommend working out in a small room with 2 dogs and a 2 year old. But lots of laughing! While dd was doing the 'plank' movements, her smaller dog got underneath her and was chewing on her hair! and doing the abs on the floor...lets just say dd and I were parallel to each other, dgd chose a perpendicular position with her feet landing in my face!! Oh well, laughing burns calories, too.

Today is a girl's day, mani's and pedi's and shopping with the guys in charge of dgd. Hey, they got their camping trip..teehee. The only thing, ds went on a ride-a-long with a friend who is an Arlington police officer, did not get home till after 7 this morn...but sil says he'll take baby duty, actually, sil is really good with kids...and dgd just loves her 'unca cwis' and her 'auntie c c'.

It's been a good visit, though I've indulged in a couple of my meals, the rest I am doing Jenny Craig, I haven't over indulged..though last night, I was tempted. You know, how your tummy can be full but your mouth wants 'just one more'...though with my kids here...they are keeping me 'in line'. darn. and yay!!

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