Monday, May 16, 2011

gotta admit, getting nervous...

Another rain system is coming in. And we can still see the river from our porch, there just isn't much room for more water and run off. I'm thinking, I may pack up my finished scrapbooks this week and store them at ds and ddil's house. Just for peace of mind.

As, I am scheduled for my surgery this Monday, and afterwards, if there is the potential for flooding, I won't be any help.

And yes, I am getting more and more nervous about the surgery. Spent quite a bit of time yesterday on the hystersisters board...reading the pre-op and post-op forums.

Gotta go to work, don't know what I'll find. Hopefully, all's been smooth and I'll be quite bored. Looking forward to seeing what packages have arrived...expecting my ugly paper challenge will be there.

Starting to make lists...guess that is actually the kind of thing I do when nervous. aye yi yi.

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