Sunday, May 15, 2011

prepping and genesis of a rather difficult layout...

been shopping, got one of these for the upcoming surgery, abdominal binder, am thinking of getting a bed pillow...don't know what it is called, but the type that helps you sit up in bed...that has arms.

been thinking of getting a 'walker'...what do you think? I know you can rent crutches, wonder if you can rent one of those from a place like CVS.

While in Texas, I started 4 layouts from dd's bachelorette party, THIS one turned out to be quite difficult. To start with, the wall color behind her is sorta dark and the first few pp's I chose, just did not work. So, I got this American Crafts pp and decided to go with diff color matts, I do like how it brought that wall color down...

but...the layout just seems so unfinished. And no matter what I embellished with, it just did not work for me. Then I saw this lo in an old Making Memories magazine, hmmmm,
even though it features a single pic, could I use it as an inspiration??

So, found this old Love Elsie spreadsheet pp, got some of the colors in the American Craft and came up with this...

Normally, I'm a 'slap it down and go' type of scrapbooker, so for a lo to take at least 3 a lot of time for me to put into a single lo. But, I like it.

So, this is the next one, pics from the limo...shall I use the crown dd saved me? and how?

I REALLY should try to work on some cards today, signed up for another Pick A Theme ATC swap on these are going to take some thought...(I linked it, as we could use more swappers)

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