Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

for us it will be a mellow day. We are going to the bil's and they are doing it all. BUT we will do another on Sunday with my son and his family. He works today.

of course Thanksgiving has this calorie watcher thinking about calories and weight loss. Moderation is the plan...and lots of veggies. Small bite of, lets see if I can actually do it. I also need to exercise this morning.

also hoping to put up the Christmas tree today.

as far as the weight loss. Well, since my last post with pics, I have regained @10lbs. I hover around the 175 lbs mark. back and forth. I know what I am doing, I am not being faithful to the food plan...keep having li'l cheats and indulgences.

siiiiiigh. So back to square one. Time to look back and set goals and come up with a plan. NO GIVING UP!!!

Focus on food - log those calories. I find that logging my planned food in the morning works better for me than during the day or in the evening. I just don't spend much time on the computer during those times. AND knowing what my planned meals have, hopefully puts me in the mindset of not thinking 'oh this will be okay'...instead I'll know that that extra 100 calories or so puts me over.

Increase exercise - I've actually done pretty well with doing the 30 minute workouts on my recumbent bike. Nice to do when the tv is on...but need to do a little more. Don't know if I can do 20 min Wii cardio and the bike..but I guess I can try.

for 2012, I want to do the Couch to 5 k...think I'm gonna buy myself a stopwatch and quit making excuses.

I read a great book called "Who Switched off My Brain" about controlling toxic thoughts, so I may try keeping a journal as suggested. Maybe that way I can tackle the roadblocks in my thinking process.

I am happy about the 40 lbs lost ...but it has taken me 2 years to do it. I started November 2009...and these super long plateaus...well, they s*ck. But I know it is me. Not my genetics...not giving any is me. I'm just too stubborn a cuss to do what I know I should do. Why sabotage myself like that? The only difference with this time around is I am not giving up.

Other times I would just quit and say this is not worth it....and regain and gain some more. I once did a modified down from 190 or so to 179...but after 6 weeks, had a taste of a warm dinner roll and I was DONE!!! No more counting carbs. Not only regained what I had lost...but got up to 215.

I've done it all in trying to lose weight even had a personal trainer come to my home...but the roadblocks were in me. And I guess that is the work I really need to do now. You know, I watch Biggest Loser and kinda think its so hokey how the trainers try to 'break down' the contestants...but now, I see that it is needed. I understood what Ana was trying to do for Becky and saw myself in how Becky resisted. (Becky is the older lady, right?) AND she irritated the heck out of, I'm not gonna be like that anymore. My daughter always called me rebellious in this, I gotta break that wall...and get healthier from the inside out.

whew, how's that for retrospection?? ha!!!!

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