Monday, November 14, 2011

this weekend.

yesterday, there was a Celebration of Life for Michele's grandson. It was very well done, moving, sad, ...that young man touched so many lives. He will be missed.

I found out that Michele will be moving closer to me. That is one major regret, that I live so far away that he did not know me and I did not know him. I knew of him, but we never really connected. I get to see Michele and family about once a year, but that is not enough. During high school she and I were connected at the hip, and her family was my family. I am Aunt Karen to her son, but did not have the opportunity to truly get to know his son...and it was my loss. Not his, he had a great life filled with love and joy. Sounds like he was a great kid, full of spunk and character.

So, when the kids asked me to babysit my dgd in the evening, you KNOW I said YES! Time is the only thing we can never get back. And I do want to spend as much time with the people that are important to me. So being able to hang out with the Missy-boo is top of the list. Daddy gave her chocolate after her nap, so she was a bit hyper...I got videos to prove it. But she was so much fun. Such a li'l stinker.

The other evening, when I took her out for a movie and pancakes as we were pulling into IHOP, out of the blue she asked me, "How is your sister?". "She's fine". Then "How is my sister?". "Well, she hasnt been born you want a sister?"...she thought about it...."Hmmmmmmm, No!". Okay, random, but okay!!

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Sarah said...

Kids say the funniest things - and completely out of the blue!! What a funny question!