Saturday, January 28, 2017


Long week, 4 out of 5 grandkids sick, including the 2 I babysit.  But, except for my son (who got it Thursday) all seems settled.   Keep praying.   My dd and I are the only ones unscathed, so far.

My Kyleighbear.   She is 3 years old and a pistol!  Gotta say it, she is so much fun, for grandparents, if not for parents!  ha!!!

My nicknames for her are Kyleighbear and Sparkle. As she sparkles from the inside out...even if it is mischief coming from her...ha!!   There are family members who call her 'Cobra Ky" but she is not a cobra!   As a baby she was kinda prickly, only wanted her momma.  I remember while she was in her 'klingon' stage (the clingy stage of the toddlers) I looked her in the eye and told her "I'm not worried, someday we will be best friends"...and yay!  we are!

  She did not start talking till she was 2 years old, like her daddy.  But once she started there is no stopping her (just like her daddy, who was nicknamed motor mouth)   and her voice is like music, ..just a joy to hear.  

Her big sis and I got into a conversation about Kyleigh's strong willed nature.  Adriana asked me, 'isnt' it annoying?" .  I told her, "NO, I think strong will is a gift".   I am loving every moment of I had a strong willed child and can now say (30 years later) that they can grow up to be marvelous, accomplished young women.  

Gotta remember (for the scrapbook) that she says 'lafamo' for marshmallow, when she was 2... "leepsover" for sleepover....and she will exclaim "boom shaka laka" and "i chihuaha", at appropriate moments. When I asked her mom, "where did she learn THAT" mom just said, "she has an older sis who goes to school"

Only recently, Nov 2016,  we had our first 'leepsover'...first solo then with her sis... let's just say that I was amazed at how such a tiny thing can take over a queen sized bed.  When Kyleigh 'leepsover' be prepared for a foot in your face.  I was constantly putting a blanket over her.

During our Tahoe stay, whenever she would see my son in law's sister, Sarah, she would exclaim..."There you are!!" and started calling her (and eventually everyone else) a 'scalliwag'. 

As a baby, she was not a tv watcher.  Just too busy, I think now, she will enjoy a cartoon...Elmo is a fave.    though, I have not yet seen her sit through a whole show.  

This little girl is an absolute joy.  

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