Wednesday, September 2, 2009

hmmmmp day!!


Mom seems to have settled down with the kids...I hope. teehee. I am so thankful to the kids for opening their home to my mom. It will give our li'l kitten a li'l more time to grow bigger and stronger. Cuz my mom does not like cats.

who could not love this li'l face!!

Organize your Stuff is on Inks this week. Yay! my inks storage works for me. The pads get one of the Ikea cabinet shelves and my smaller ones (mostly dew drops) get a plastic container in a drawer. So, what are your fave ink colors? Stampin Up's Creamy Caramel is one of mine and Dew Drops Cinnamon Copper is another one.

I joined the Shimelle's new class for September.

so, I'm off to do the first day's prompt...

should be interesting, I'll let ya'll know!


nyki said...

uhoh, getting older! look at that face

Anonymous said...

What's this new class your doing for Sept. ?


Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you I'm getting new CTMH catalogs. They will be arriving on friday.