Sunday, February 21, 2010


last week I bought one of those cat water know the ones that look like mini water coolers. They have been really convenient, then, last night as we were all settling for the night. And I mean settling, under the covers, Winston purring on top of me...we hear this "glub, glub". Okay, mental note, check water in the morning. And in most households, that would be the end of it. But, this is the household of Winston Thornapple.

Of course, he gets down to 'investigate'...okay, we all know, cats are curious he will investigate. Then as I am dozing, I hear the sounds of plastic bouncing off the tile...go check...yup, all the water that was left is now a puddle on the tile and the bowl is on its side. I'm half asleep...all I do is grab a towel, put it on the water puddle, upright the bowl and put some water in.

This morning, pick up soaked towel, change water...and am thankful that Winston is soooo cute, or he'd be looking for a new home.

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