Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday!! hurray!! hurray!

though I've got a bit of a least I'm home for the day!

Supposed to be rainy and stormy, so a good day to do the 'honey do's' and cook a good meal, I'm trying out the chicken marsela recipe from 'cook this not that'.

(can you say, my new craving, MUSHROOMS!!)

I'm going to a crop tomorrow, BUT with the storms...I'm not sure. I don't really like taking my scrapstuff out in the rain. we'll just see how bad it is...

Feb has not been a good weight loss month...I've lost, oh, NONE in the past 3 weeks. Its been a good workout month, I'm up to 12 miles per week on the treadmill.

But gonna keep pressing this healthier lifestyle is better than the one I was living, right? Though sometimes, without the results, I do want to drown myself in a box of mac and cheese, a 6 pack of pepsi and a movie marathon...ha!!!

I'm doing the progressive challenge on, today. Its a 'lottery' progressive...she tells a story based on winning a choose your selections, then each selection has an element...and you do a layout based on the element. If ya'll are home, you should check it out! Lottery Progressive Challenge

If I won the lottery I would 1) take it in a lump sum 2) quit my job...3)build a new home, and buy myself a new Ford..(they did not offer Jeep) 4) pay for scholarships for family members and 5) open a scrap store! (hey, I'm a lottery millionare, I don't have to worry about selling...teehee)

Have you ever thought about your dream scrap store? Mine would be like the place we are going tomorrow. It is set on personal property, a 'barn building' with big tables, great lighting, comfy chairs...and shelves and walls of stuff! My stuff would be a lot of P R I M A !!!! and Smoooth, and Ranger and Basic Grey and Bazzill and ... well, you get the picture. I might even set up lockers for my regulars...
ha!! We can all dream, right?

Speaking of dreaming, work let me help choose paint colors for the lobby and main area! (yes, they are very brave) I was inspired by a pic in Lowe's magazine...though we did not use the exact colors...I haven't seen it, but the gal in HR tells me it looks great.

Now, I get to put together the lobby...I've been looking at photographic art on We are a nationwide company, so I want to put up framed pics of like Maine Lighthouses, Vermont trees, Az Saqueros, the Rocky Mountains, CA Redwoods... you know, great American Landscapes... Only problem, my boss, my dh, has given me a budget of -0-... Oh well, I'll put together a visual...with prices and see if I can 'change' that! Though the lobby gives a first impression, it is hardly ever used.

off to start that list~ including my dvd ~ and gotta do a make up of 2 miles on the tm. (had a li'l tummy issue Weds night)

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