Wednesday, February 24, 2010

govt time and some heritage layouts

govt time!
for me, not only the usual prep for personal income tax...payment of property tax coming up.

but at work, I've been working on U.S. census form (4 of them) for both companies...stuff like electricity usage...huh??? I'm surprised they don't ask toilet flushes!!

pretty tired of it all, can't wait till I can get back to my own life!! ha!!!

I've finally started some heritage layouts. It was fun, to go thru my mom's pics from Japan and her early life in the U.S. to hear her stories.

My first 3 pages look a bit like this, trying to tell the story of the family from Japan. Hard times, the pic is my grandpa (he died when my mom was 6 years old) and this is her one and only pic of him...I scanned it, this is a copy. Anyways, a widow with 5 kids during world war II Japan, not an easy life. But they pulled together as a family and made it!

I kinda did not want to be cliche and use DCWV Oriental Stack...but figured, you've got it...use it!!

And as an Anglo, I originally set the writing left to right...ummmmm, in Japan its up and down!!

here are my cousins at a children's festival in 1962 or 1963

another 'fun' thing is she tells me about stuff like the festival, then I 'google' it and learn a li'l more.

the butterfly is alcohol inks on a Heidi Swap clear butterfly...I love that stuff!!!

okay, I'm commuting with dh...with all our taxes and insurance due...I gotta save the $40 a week and commute with him. Of course, I hate it, means waking up at 6am and not getting home till after 5!!! poo-ey, but we all gotta do what we gotta do, right?

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