Friday, February 12, 2010

had a great morning...but not sure how the rest

of the day is going to be.

due to circumstances...I got to spend the night at the kids' house last, I got to put Adriana to bed..and wake up with her this morning. We sent her mommy back to her room to sleep in a little ..and I got a good hour and a half with Adriana this morning. yay!!

We played, took pics...shared a banana for breakfast...

she is getting a couple of teeth, so she is constantly 'makingfaces' and pulling her lip over them..gotta couple of pics of her doing that.

Then mom got up...and I went to church for a couple of hours. Last week the computer was down, so I handwrote the essential checks...this week had to input them and the ones that were due...a lot of computer work!

This weekend is a Valentine' dinner at the church. I am/was going to cut some words from the Storybook cart for it...but my blade is acting up..and is starting to tear the paper instead of cutting. Time to try the pens!!

The co-ordinator just called, they need help with the set up...and clean up (last night was youth group)...could I come in for the day?? Don't worry about the rest of the graphics. soooooo...I guess I can skip my exercise cleaning the church my exercise...there will be packing and unpacking as well as cleaning. I'm sure I'll be burning the calories.

Oh well, what gets done gets done. What doesn't, we'll just have to make the 'best of it'...but gotta do the essentials..riiiight??

why do I feel like I'm juggling too many things right now? oh well!!

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