Tuesday, November 16, 2010


got hit with a toothache over the weekend. OH MY Goodness. How do people live with such pain! Started Saturday, during the dinner, I took a drink and 'oooh' a little pain, but by Sunday...HOLY CARP! We went in Monday...I asked my dh to drive me to the dentist...he did it, though he is very busy at work...but I could not think, much less drive. An emergency root canal, half my face was numb for most of the day...and still some pain. Last night, I was convinced we got the wrong tooth...so much pain shooting through my jaw and ears. This morning, a li'l more manageable...took some vicodin and hopefully, I'll be functioning again.

"funny" thing, I went on FB to see a post by my sis, she cracked a tooth and was on her way to the dentist also. Funny coincidence. Maybe, since we are both 'not talking' to her biological twin, and have grown closer as adults...I'm now her 'twin' and we get the sympathy stuff. Cool! she's always been the 'pretty' sister..maybe I'll get prettier too! ha!! As long as I don't get her OCD...I LIKE my mellower lifestyle!

okay, feeling the vicodin, its starting to take effect. all of a sudden my head feels a little heavy and my blood feels lethargic. Off to the couch with my blankie, my cat...but, I do hope I can get some stuff done in a couple of hours...

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