Sunday, November 14, 2010


so, last night we went to a Lion's Club fundraising event. And present were our little towns 'movers and shakers'...ha! It was a big step for me, I am pretty anti-social and to have all these tables of people squeezed into a small area, can be quite an anxious situation for me....oh my! Like dh told me, look into the corner table and take deep breaths!!

It was cool! The table we 'happened' to sit at (we just looked for a table that had 2 unclaimed chairs) the 'matriarch' grew up next to the property we ended up buying and building upon. Our property sits on what was once a lakefront, till the levy was built in the 60's and redirected it. This woman's family lived in a small house on the lake, and her dad had a boathouse/bar...during the 1940's. (I've often thought a metal detector would probably be a good investment) ANYways, very cool. Oh! when we told her where we live, her comment, 'the house facing a weird way'...cuz we don't face the road. teehee. (guess that is how we are known by the Old-timers)

I'd say there is definately a 'mentality' about old timers toward us, new-comers. Though we've been here since 1991. BUT this was our first event with this level of citizenry. Our social life has been with the folks we go to church with or with the families of the kids my kids went to school with, BUT dh has gotten more involved...he helped with the 'groundbreaking' of the local homeless advocacy group, and that is how we got our invite to this event.

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