Friday, November 12, 2010

glasses found, and an odd convo with dd...

Glasses were found...and my keys...yeah, I don't wanna talk about it.

My ddil found my glasses, I had left them at the church the Sunday before the trip...she went the Saturday after the trip to pick up the bulletins...and found them next to the computer.

On Sunday, after taking dd and dsil to the airport, I was talking to my son...happened to reach into the side pocket (never used) of my purse...and there were my house keys. siiiiiiigh. I used to be so organized and smart! I was the one who found things and knew where everything was.

Monday and Tuesday were busy days. I had a dr's appt for a physical. Had an odd 'event' involving tingling sensations down the left hand side of my body. And other aches and pains. I do not recommend waiting 3 years between physicals...the dr will 'get you back'. So, at the appt. they did do an EKG, and my heart is whatever is going on is not heart related. BUT I had to go to a lab the next day for blood tests (4 vials), they are checking everything you can think of, including my my sis was recently diagnosed with a thyroid issue and some of my symptoms could be thyroid related. or pre-menopause. or ______________(you fill in the blank). Also, went and had x-rays done of my chest and spine. as the tinglies could be spine related. I'll go back in 2 weeks for those results.

And of course she brought up the need for mammo and pap. Those appts are later. Yuck!

So, my dd is getting her MPA, (Masters in Public Administration) and she is on the Accounting class. So, last night, we discussed a case study involving fraud and ways to prevent fraud. (I've been in accounting for @30 years, so I had some ideas/experience) was so weird, to be discussing these concepts with someone who's bottom I used to clean. BUT so cool also, she is such an intelligent and perceptive adult...she blows me away.

She is doing her research paper on the QE2...she said she is going to keep it 'fact filled', listing the pros, cons, effects on nations such as Japan who had done it. I told her I'd like to read it, as all I know about it is what the 'pundits' are saying. I did not even know that Japan has done this. But, wow, what a topic.

Hope to be scrapping this weekend, I opened the door to my room and the waft of that paper smell sure made me homesick. Today is a li'l booked. But hopefully tomorrow can be basically a pajama/scrapping can only hope!

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