Monday, November 22, 2010

making lists...

I've been up since 5 am or so, actually awake @2 am...finally gave up trying to go back to sleep. So, this past hour, I've been updating my calendar..and making lists.

I hate not being able to go back to sleep! I've also been organizing around my computer...its amazing how many little 'bits' of stuff you collect in the area. I jot down quotes, websites, keep mess!.

of course, I keep getting 'help' from Winston. he even stepped on the printer, causing it

to print a blank much fun...such a helper!

I go to the dr to discuss my physical and test results. Got a call reminding me of the appt and telling me 'not to take any of my meds' before the appt. huh?

I know she is going to want to put me on Statins for my cholesteral...but I wonder what else has been discovered. I'm 49, and all I can say, is getting old S*CKS!!

You really do 'pay' for your youth, don't ya? All the things we knew we 'should' be doing but did not pay attention to comes back to bite ya in the a*s...don't it.

I've talked about how I now carry around 4 pairs of glasses...well, one I leave at home for reading. I have bad hearing (don't talk to me when I'm not facing you, I won't hear you) Cholesterol...overweight...aye yi yi.

A few things I did 'right'..I wasn't a sun-baker...remember in the 70's tanning was rubbing on babyoil and baking yourself in the sun? Well, I did not do that, so skin-cancer is not a concern. I did not get into the smoking or drinking habit. (Just SUGAR in the form of Pepsi).

No drug use...a li'l experimenting with pot in high school...but luckily did not keep that habit or get into anything 'harder'. Just thought the whole culture/idea was plain stupid...and the best thing to happen to me was to get arrested for possession when I was new enough and young enough to say 'bye bye' to the whole concept.

so, I've been so healthy thru my 20's , 30's and most of the 40's, I never really thought about this stuff...but now as I approach my 50's...aye yi yi.

What would I tell any 'kids' reading this? Veggies, exercise, no sodas, sunscreen, floss... do the Do's...just know that you will 'pay' for the choices you make today!

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