Tuesday, February 8, 2011

been sick, and got the 'dreaded' call...

Sunday morning, I felt great! then after church, I started sneezing, violently...then nose started dripping and the next thing I knew, I was S I C K! So, all my plans for a non Super Bowl day scrapping and enjoying went out the window! (instead I had a Twilight-fest) (actually, not a bad way to spend a day, if only I wasn't so sick)

Yesterday, was spent in a Nyquil haze. Yes, I even took it during the day. Today, I do feel much more 'human'...but just plain sore, everywhere. Nose, Throat, Ears, back and legs...ugh!!

Then yesterday afternoon, I got the dreaded call. The doctor wants me to come in and discuss my biopsy results. Don't they only do that for bad news? So, I called Michael and asked him to go with me, it will be at 3:30 this afternoon. So, I gotta admit, THAT scares me a little. Just gotta remember, don't jump to conclusions...maybe this doctor doesn't only have you come in for bad results...and even if it is cancer (and I can barely type that word)...God is in control, and no matter what, we will get through this.

So, step by step...that is all we can do, right??

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Janet said...

My prayers are with you. Please let us know what he said. God be with you.