Saturday, February 26, 2011

what to do?

After my cat's 10am vet appt, I have a li'l time to do some things at home.

So, do I get my 2010 receipts ready for taxes? Do I take care of some dusting and cleaning? or do I break into my shipment from 2 peas and play in my scraproom....decisions, decisions.

There is also another weekend progressive at

Past week has been busy, working 3days; took one day to go get some bloodtests; my ddil got the nasty cold going around, so I'm babysitting when I can to help her out.
Like yesterday, I took the afternoon 'afternap shift'. Not that ddil did something normal, like, say... rest, nope, she took care of some errands.

Adriana and I made some taco soup for a family who just had a baby. Okay, she supervised, I cooked. They live in ddil's neighborhood, so we packed up the stroller and walked the dinner over. Ddil joined us. I just hope her cold doesn't get worse. Adriana and I had the cold the first round, so hopefully we are immune. DDil tells me Ds is showing, he's next.

Out here it's like this 10 day super-cold that is hitting everyone! We all get different symptoms, like ddil had a slight fever...but this cold just seems extra nasty. Dh and dd got bronchitus after it, I had a sinus infection...its just odd. At work, no one is immune. Guess I'm gonna take some Clorox wipes and give my desk a once-over to be sure.

of course, Adriana and I have fun...I'll ask her, 'what does mommy say?" She puts her hand to her mouth and says 'coooough coooough" tee hee.

Monday, I've got 2 dr appts...the first one is the sonogram to try to find my ovaries, plus I'll get results from the blood test verifying that I don't have cancer...did not know the biopsy is not enough. Then we'll set the date for my hysterectomy. I talked to my bosses at work, they want me to try to get it done Mid-May so I can be back Early-Mid July, in time to take care of the quarterly taxes and stuff.

Right now, each day is filled with things I gotta it wrong that I'm looking forward to the recovery period when the days won't be so packed??? Or will I be so incredibly bored??

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Janet said...

Believe me, you won't be bored, I've had a hystorectomy although back then they cute me from my navel to you know where, downwards. You will enjoy the recup time.