Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm good...

The biopsy is okay. but, that was a bit scary...don't they usually tell you good news on the phone and make you come in for bad?

We talked to the dr about scheduling my hysterectomy for mid-May and she said to come back in 30 days for an ultrasound. As long as there is no change or growth, mid-May to June should be okay.

That will give everyone plenty of time (work) to prepare AND I can go to my son-in-law's graduation. AND, I can get my sis Bre to be my nurse...then we can (cough,cough) scrapbook together during my recovery...teehee.

such a relief, glad dh went with me.

In the meantime, I'm a mucus-y-mess with the aftereffects of this cold. Seems like everyone is getting some version of something. Dh took one look at me Sunday night and said, "Um, I'm sleeping in the guestroom...and...I'm taking THIS pillow". Not just him, but my cats have not been sleeping with me either. AND I have been using the heating pad! Usually, when I have the heating pad, my cats are glued to me. But, I guess if even their 'instincts' say 'stay away'... I can't blame dh!!

You'd think with all this 'time' I'd be scrapping away! wrong-o...been sleeping and going thru kleenex by the box. I'm on my 3rd box! But I do feel much more 'human' today, and to celebrate the good news from the dr...I had a Wendy's burger. My first real food since Sunday! Don't ask if it tasted good, cuz I ate it so fast, I'm not sure.

I'm supposed to work tomorrow, but we'll see how I feel in the morning. Right now, though it is only @5pm, I'm thinking of getting back into my thermals and under my faux fur throw...doesn't that sound good??


Janet said...

I am so thankful for your good news. Do hope you get to feeling better with that cold. Take care, :)

Jake said...

Good news indeed.