Monday, February 21, 2011

sights from yesterday, Sunday...

a few pics from yesterday,

while waiting for the progressive to begin, I decided to move some of the 2010 receipts from my drawer to a storage bin. Gotta start thinking about taxes, right?
Well, of course Winston helped. Helped dig some of the papers out of the files and put teeth marks in them.

Here are the 'kids' sharing a bit of sunshine..the black cat is Cassandra, the larger cat in the middle is Percy and the striped is our very own troublemaker, Winston...

And I got to babysit for a couple of hours after dgd's nap. Can you tell I dressed her? We got the pj pants and tutu on...but she wanted to keep her church sweater on. I was there while the parents had a 4 person conference call. When she first woke up, they had a question for me, so mommy gave her her afternap banana and juice...but guess I took too long answering the question, she came up to me, sat in my lap, took my face between her hands, then 'signed' "all done!" I had to laugh, and tell the kids that the 'boss' was telling me "I'm done". (she is learning baby sign language)

last but not least, took part in the last round of Sunday's progressive and was able to finish my Japanese Heritage Album. Yay!! another album out of the scraproom to be displayed on the shelves. How many albums do you have 'in progress'? I have 18, a few just have that 'just a couple more' to be done.

I also have that pile of layouts that I haven't started an album for... and 30 completed albums, not counting the minis...hmmmmmmm

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