Friday, March 25, 2011

week 2 Jenny Craig and ATC's

well, my scale says a loss of 1lb on Weds morn, at my appt today at Jenny's a li'l over 2, we now agree on the total of 6lbs...yay!

The food is good, won't go into the daily breakdown, but the only one I ran into that I won't do again is the breakfast sandwich. Had the chicken fajita tonight, and it was yummy. I did not use the entire seasoning package, but I'm a wimp when it comes to spicy foods.

A crop was scheduled for tomorrow, but, looks like the weather is going to be crummy and not many people are, gonna stay home. In preparation for it, I got myself an extra brownie and popcorn from Jennys...I may go ahead and indulge...ha!!

I've been working on my ATC cards for the Pick a Theme Swap...

this is the animal group...I admit I changed the penguins, their tummies turned out pink from the alcohol ink I re-stamped just the penguins on white, will color them and cut them out...

I really like how the mouse (he's flocked) with the cupcake turned out.

And here is the other set, misc techniques and styles...they were fun! I made the tye dye car from alcohol inks, just did the three colors with a li'l space between them, then applied with a circular motion.

I did end up changing the bird, I liked the shrink one, but he was just too small. So instead I layered a transparancy and added some flowers.

The vintage ad was fun, under the ad, I tied raffia thru a soda can's pop top.

fun and ready to send...I liked how each had a different theme/look...created a li'l challenge.

So, what's on for tomorrow...scrappin' at home! Which book? hmmmmmmmmm

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