Wednesday, June 1, 2011

had my first post-op appt...

Had my first post-op, dr. showed me a pic of my yuck. Told me that I had some emdemytriousis (sp) but no cancer.

After the appt, dh took me to Red Robin for an early dinner. He was practically pulling me on the sidewalk ...said I was "so slow", he could be seated, ordered and eating before I got inside. I told him then go and order! He told me, 'nah, you won't be able to open the doors, they're too heavy for you'.

Then had an appt at Jenny Craig, I've lost 4 lbs!! Don't know how, I've been eating the meals provided by the ladies at church...and lots of sweets and not exercising.
Does your body burn more calories while healing?? But today, I go back to my 1200 calories. All 'contraband' has been tossed, dh will take whats left of the pies to Bible Study tonight.

In the morning I worked on my ATC's for the PATC swap. Bahamas, France (not eiffel tower) and tropical clothing. And created an ATC 'kit' for the Kids Only Swap on Splitcoast.

Good day, BUT I was in bed before 8:30...I was e x h a u s t e d !!


Just Jaime said...

Sounds tiring! I'm sorry you've been feeling so low. Does your dr think being on Jenny Craig is a good idea right now?

KarenSue said...

Hi Jaime!

I did ask her during my pre-op appt, and the was very supportive of continuing the Jenny Craig and said she was pleased with the weight I had lost before the surgery.