Friday, May 6, 2016

a view of my 'office'

My job is 90% babysitting my grandson and 10% general ledger accounting for my husband's 2 companies.  Here is my work area.  A small nook area at my dd's home.  (the safe, shelf and containers by the swing are their's) (though I use the shelf cabinets)

I am spread out all over the place while working.  piles and piles of papers. 

Just learned that we need to furniture shop tomorrow.  I am set to babysit for my kids (dd) so they can go out for their anniversary dinner.  So, baby boy is going furniture shopping with me.  DH wants to replace the living room couches before we have @200 for his dad's services...

Whaaaaaaa????? @200, what happened to the simple service for family and close friends? 

But this is my dh, he can be  more into appearances than I am...he doesn't want his father's friends thinking we are 'less'  than.  Our furniture in the living room is 10+ years old and well, errr, loved (distressed)  by the cats.  It does not bother me...but it bothers him. 

If it were up to him, our house would be more of a showcase.   Me, I love old and me that is home.  We went to a house he loved, his friend's daughter ...everything hard, floors in polished concrete  and showcase furniture...the only comfortable spot was outside on their patio.  To me, it was so cold....  I have no interest in a home like that.  Okay, their bathroom sink was cool...concrete and rusted copper bowl.  He also has a friend who is a multi millionaire...he owns a very large tech company and he can buy a luxury car for cash...dh goes to his designer decorated home and is very impressed...I was not.  It just did not have the feel of a home, except the kitchen/adjoining room.  Since this was the one they spent the most time in, it had some personality and comfort in it.

Guess that is why I am his 'soulmate'...I offset and balance those tendencies...  Me?  I would decorate with Craigslist finds.  I don't need new and fancy. I would also have a dozen cats and run a pet rescue from my living room!!! so, he offsets that!!!

Though thinking about it, it is only with our home...he is not this way about his clothes and such.  He wears stuff from Western Stores...wrangler jeans and plaid shirts.  None of us are into designer stuff for clothing.  His friendships represent all social/economic circles.  White collar, blue collar, does not matter to him. 


LisaDV said...

We're fixing up an old farm house. He now owns his own business as well and I'm struggling with what to choose to make it company compatible with making it comfortable for us.

Catherine1216 said...

My husband and I are quite different as well. He would find with everything in the house being white. I like color.

BehindtheWoodVeneer said...

Haha, I had to laugh at someone not WANTING to go get all new stuff! My partner is more like you, I would say! When we drive down the street, he points to stuff people put out as trash and asks me if I want it... No, I'd like a brand new thing, please!