Tuesday, May 24, 2016

some Layouts from Saturday.

I am participating in a couple of challenges at 2 Peas Refugees,  a blogging challenge, 15 blogs for the month of May Blog Challenge Thread  and  Tell Your Story  with various challenges to help us be creative...5-23 Tell Your Story thread.  I think my total layouts for the month of May is at 7 or 8...so not a big number, but still having fun.

Pics from Saturday, these are the ones that I did get on my 'big' camera...the D3000...a wonderful Christmas gift from the kids a couple of years ago.  I remember that Black Friday sale, dil, would not let me into Best Buy with her...we waited in that cold line for a long time.  But we parted ways at the door and I went shopping at Michaels...she did all that for me to have this wonderful camera.

It is my baby and usually only brought out for special occassions.  Sil was borrowing it for work, but when he needed to travel with it...I balked and he finally got the company to buy their own.  Sorry, 'my baby' does not go on planes without me.  I mean I hide it at home...I would be so heartbroken if anything ever happened to it.

Anyways, I digress...

Saturday layouts, this first one took me a couple of hours.  For the May challenge, I used a clock.  These are pics of my dgd#2 with my fil and mil.  I used the red white and blue as my fil was very patriotic.  These are actually pretty much the last photos we have of him.  Don't think many were taken as after this, he was in a scooter with an oxygen tank.
 This is a page for my dgs#1's book.  Can you guess his name is Jase?    for the challenge used washi tapes..and also 'something new', the diecuts are one of my newer purchases.  I need to learn something more for Washi tape...it is the one with numbers across the middle.  Thinking I need a 'washi' techniques month or something.  
 and this is for the challenge that said to use Project Life cards in a different way...not glued yet...but playing with layering them to create my pp background....

There were more layouts, one is being fixed...I did not like the proportions...the other not yet photographed.

On a previous blog was asked if I like my Scrap-n-easel.  In a word, YES, but I do not take it to crops...I have been seeing them a lot esp at the Expo crop.  And with small grandchildren, the magnets do worry me.  So I try to be extra careful and keep them in a container and  put them away after use.  But as far as using it to layout my pages before gluing and getting a good vertical view of them...yup, me like it a lot.  It seems I got a good deal on it also, a couple of years ago.  I really don't like to pay full price and avoid it as much as possible.(insert cheesy smilie face)

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LisaDV said...

Such great layouts! Really liking the looks of the pl cards being used. Good to know about the scrap-n-easel. I was worried it would be too flimsy. Thanks for answering.