Saturday, May 14, 2016

Crop dreams...

Setting up for a crop today...have the 'essentials', I hope.  Transformed the dining room into a crop space.  Table seats 8, expecting 3...with a 4th...kinda in the air.
 work stations, is it sad I was able to come up with a cutter per person???  (the cutterpillar is mine)but guess what I discovered, no spare blades! yikes!  Also had a Smash pen per person.   A shared supply station in the middle, dark chocolates, assorted tools and pen/marker collection in the middle.
These are shared between 2...glue dots, ruler, foam dots, scissors and fabric scissors.  I had 2  sets of the rulers/scissors set is for home the other for cropping.  (y'all do that too, don't you?)
 Tool station blocking entry to kitchen right behind dining room...
Cricut with some of my favorite carts and a stack of Recollections cardstock available.  They are my favorite for cutting, cuts clean.
 And the die cut/embosser with a selection of small ink collection and an idea book for those who are stumped.

My 2 confirmed guests are beginners, so I thought I would show them techniques on get them started.  Maybe a new technique every hour, at least at the beginning till they get comfortable and are  able to go on their own.  I will start with cutting a Cricut image, and embossing a background....

Okay, even if no one shows, I will be scrapping today!!   

Time to clean bathrooms, stock up fridge with water and go buy some fresh muffins!

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Catherine1216 said...

How did it go? I wish I could come scrap with you.