Monday, May 23, 2016

the weekend...

Sorry, no pics, my point and shoot decided to 'crap out'.  Which I am kind of used to, think this is my 3rd Nikon Coolpix in as many years.  I don't see them as a long term camera. 

Luckily I had the big camera on hand...but need to download pics. 

and Luckily, my mil gave me some money for my birthday, so I have a CANON on its way to me from Amazon.  Time to try something else.  We will see if it is any different. (probably not)

Birthday was great...pancakes in the morning from my son in law...lunch with dh, we went to Denny's so I can order off the senior menu...dd brought me a baskin robbins birthday cake ice cream and a balloon.  Dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant.  And Saturday night, movie with m&m popcorn and my favorite pie at son's house. My granddaughter sat next to me as we watched the last half of the 10 Commandments...she is such a joy.  7 years old and so full of 'quips' and questions.

 I love the month of May. 

Friday was the service for fil.  As a friend said, it was 'a healing time'.  Difficult, emotional, beautiful...all the above.  He lived a full life and was able to pass with no regrets.   And with people who loved and admired him.  

I don't know how y'all feel, but I did not take any pics.  It is not too late, as we have his memorial banner still up.  I don't know, just don't feel like this is a 'scrapbook' moment.  But there are great- grandkids who will not remember or meet him...maybe a pic of the banner would be appropriate.

Saturday was scrapbooking day.  Happy to report I was in my pj's till about 3pm.  Then dd and sil came over to make dinner for mil...and we got some because she is staying with us. (insert cheesy smiley face)

Sunday after church, was nap and being worthless day, for all 3 of us, mil is staying with us, guess we needed to be 'refueled' so to speak.

  Watched what I had recorded of Grimm including season finale.  Now that was a frustrating difficult show to watch.  Had my friend Janell on text blast the entire time.  siiiiiigh.

Was also sick until about Sunday morning.  Strange, odd symptoms.  But today all is fine.  So what was it???   I will call the dr and see if I need to be seen for any type of follow up.



Catherine1216 said...

Sorry about your camera.

Michelle G said...

I got a new point and shoot for Christmas last year, mines a Panasonic LUMIX. I takes a nice pic, but I do miss he viewfinder. Glad you had a lovely birthday, it all sounds very tasty.

LisaDV said...

Glad you had a good birthday. I've never had luck with any point and shoot either. I have a canon rebel xti from 10 years ago that's going strong though. I would have definitely needed the weekend to recharge from the memorial service. As far as funeral photos, I think getting photos before people arrive is ok for the family. But each family has their own preference and that's ok too. Hugs.